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ear Prospective Client,
Design has always been a part of my life, from building a tree house at the age of 8, entirely out of scrap lumber and nails (wish I had a picture to show you, it was a beaut) to creating a presentation on my future career in 7 th grade. You can say it was inevitable that I would end up an Interior Designer. I've always worked creative jobs after college and in the year 2003 opened up a retail storefront in the charming town of Farmington CT. This was my first foray into Interiors, soon clients asked me to make house visits to help them pull their space together with my store accessories. Later, I decided that a move to the country (Granby) meant the simpler life and decided to embark on Moreau Designs as a full service Interior Design firm with a home office.
When I take on a design project, I pay attention to you and draw out your vision and goals which directly interprets into a space that has been carefully considered and crafted with you (and your family) in mind.

I view my designs as artwork, each very unique and exciting with layers that are revealed as you live in the space.  
My philosophy is to create an environment that speaks to you and your family. It is in creating this that true bliss is achieved. Our surroundings carry energy that can affect a person positively or negatively .
My goal is to create a positive and beautiful environment that will be cherished, I certainly feel fortunate to be a part of it.
My 13+ years of experience behind me and a crew of dedicated craftsmen allows me to design your space above and beyond your expectations.

Jennifer L. Moreau
Moreau Designs~The Art and Soul of your Home

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Jenn Moreau

founder, owner & creative design spirit


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